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How to Upgrade Your Bathroom for a Modern Look

It is an important part of any home that should be stylish and practical by design. Regardless of whether it is the bathroom that has not been changed for years or a house with a ‘blank’ bathroom, there are several features that can enhance the appearance and create a contemporary atmosphere. 

This article discusses some of the issues to look at and some practical ideas for achieving the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Embrace Clean Lines and Minimalism

Today, any bathroom should be free from excessive adornments, and the lining should be as laconic as possible. Choose minimal designs with hard lines, such as rectangular washbasins and square mixers. 

Using lighting fixtures that seem to be hanging from the walls makes the space more airy and less oppressive. Reduce the number of items displayed on countertops by installing organizers, small drawers for essential items, or simple shelves for toiletries.

2. Reimagine Your Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure is an essential and clearly visible element in most bathrooms today. The modern shower curtains look somewhat old fashioned. They can also be replaced with a frameless glass shower screen to give the shower area a more open and luxurious outlook.

 Using solid surface showers design may provide a sleek appearance. These showers are made of non-porous materials such as acrylic or composite resin; this makes the surface sleek and easy to clean, which is suitable for modern homes.

3. Modernize Your Flooring and Walls

Flooring and wall tiles help create the look of the bathroom. Saying goodbye to old-fashioned flooring and opting for more spacious ones in light colors. 

Marble or granite offers a touch of elegance and luxury, while porcelain or ceramic is more affordable and sustainable. Try using textured tiles or mosaics for walls as a unique accent.

4. Upgrade Your Lighting

The use of the right type of lighting is important if the bathroom will serve a functional purpose as well as complement the general décor of the home. If the driveway you have is made of bad materials, such as asphalt paving, then you should consider upgrading the driveway to concrete pavers. 

Recessed lighting illuminates general areas, while polished accent lighting is strategically placed near the mirror for proper grooming. For light on each end of the mirror, opt for sconces on each side or use a lighted mirror for a contemporary feel. Lamps or other light fixtures that sit above the bathtub can be placed for their aesthetic value and to create a spa feel.

5. Don’t Forget the Hardware

Many a time, people do not give much importance to the type of hardware used in the washroom, right from the towel holder to the holder for the toilet paper. All these things can change the interior of the washroom. 

Specifically, choose hardware with straight lines and either a brushed nickel, chrome, or matte black finish to fit into a more contemporary home. Get rid of the handles and replace them with touchless ones for increased hygiene and a smart appeal.



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